Kenneth Hiebert on the Basel education

In October 2020, to celebrate the 100rd anniversary of Armin Hofmann, a two-day online symposium took place at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design Basel.

Kenneth Hiebert was one of the participants in a roundtable discussion, moderated by Sandra Bischler, titled « The Pedagogical Dimension ».

During the discussion, Hiebert reflects on his experience as a student under Armin Hofmann, 1959-1964.

The Basel education characteristics that I treasure:



A conducive class environment.

There was no horsing around.

Each project was built on a previous.

All work was in the studio.

No all-nighters.

We learned the visual language universals:


Having meaning.

Building relationships between forms and space.

Seeing constraints as openings rather than obstacles.

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