Kent Summer in Switzerland Program (1973-1991)

Série de workshops de design, à Rapperswil


Biographie de Fritz Gottschalk,

« From 1983 to 1989 [Fritz Gottschalk] acted as a faculty member of the Kent Summer Graphic Design Workshop in Rapperswil. »

Kent State University VCD Alumni Magazine – Issue 2
Interview avec J. Charles Walker

Il mentionne plusieurs programmes de workshops:

Un voyage d’été, organisé pour la première fois en été 1973, en collaboration avec Armin Hofmann.

During that first travel program, Armin and I discussed the possibility of continuing the program the following year. However, both of us agreed that a more hands-on experience for students would be more worthwhile, but we would retain the field trips, lectures, etc. We structured a five week study program—a week in Brissago, Switzerland for all the students, graphic and industrial design, followed by an additional three-week graphic design workshop in Brissago and a simultaneous three-week industrial design workshop to be held in Zürich. The two groups would reassemble for a final week in Basel. This was the first Kent Summer in Switzerland Program beginning in June 1974.

Ce programme continue jusqu’en 1980, avec la participation de Paul Rand, Ivan Cheramayeff, Wolfgang Weingart.

In 1982, we recomposed the Kent Summer in Switzerland as a graduate level and post-graduate experience for practicing professionals, (similar to the new, England Program). It moved to Rapperswil, located a short distance north of Zürich on Lake Zürich. I contacted Fritz Gottschalk and Ruedi Rüegg during a 1981 trip to England, both internationally noted Swiss designers with their design firms in Zürich. Each expressed their interest in working with me on the recomposed Swiss Workshop. The 10th Annual Kent Summer in Switzerland was held in summer 1982.

Ce programme de workshops se poursuit jusqu’en 1991.