Inge Druckrey on Yale

Short transcript of Inge Druckrey on the design education in the US (during round-table discussion in October 2020, online symposium at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design Basel):

In the US, in the mid 1960, there was still a strong emphasis on advertising rather than design.

A true graphic design program existed only at Yale, with Alvin Eisenman, Norman Ives, Josef Albers, Herbert Matter, Alvin Lustig.

It was at Yale that Herbert Matter, with his students, did the corporate identity for the New Haven Railroad.

There were a few other centers trying to build a consciousness of graphic design. Among them, the Aspen Design conferences, and the Design Quarterly of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. The first design magazine was edited there by Mildred Friedman.

Rob Roy Kelly, chair of the Kansas City Art Institute, was educated at Yale, and very influenced by Alvin Lustig and Josef Albers. He was aware and impressed by Armin Hofmann’s work and teaching.

I was hired to teach not only the students, but also him and the other faculty, about my education in Basel. So I had full support by faculty and students, who were very open and eager to learn.

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