On Swiss designers in Paris

Quelques notes de l’interview avec le typographe Hans Rudolf Bosshard, publiée par Louise Paradis (TM Research Archive).


Sur la concurrence entre les écoles de Zurich et de Bâle:

The New Wave in typography did certainly start in Zurich, not in Basel. This came in the 1920s and 30s. At that time, Basel had little visibility. But then, from an outside perspective, people started to focus on Ruder and Armin Hofmann and they came to represent Basel. This was so strong for a certain time, and Zurich was not of interest anymore, or not visible. But it’s true that at that time in Zurich, with teachers such as Karl Sternbauer and Willy Riegert, there was not that much happening. In the latest issue of TM I wrote an article on a third teacher, Walter Hächler. In 1945 he went to Paris, as the first graphic designer in the city. This is the topic of my text— designers in Paris—there were many, around that time also. Adrian Frutiger came much later. Hächler was my first teacher in Zurich, before he left for Paris. He also did an extraordinary book on August Herbin.

Sur la grille typographique:

If I am honest, I don’t care so much about typography. If I do typography, I start as an artist. Ruder and Müller-Brockmann, they start as designers, graphic designers.